11.55 – 13.00


Morgan O’Regan – Bank of Ireland

This talk will cover an introduction of how to approach networking and building a
network that can be used in any industry and in any role.


Fiona Flynn – Foresight Corporate Development

The latest leadership development research emphasises that successful leadership relies on your ability to adapt your leadership style to different people and situations. Your EI underpins how well you are able to know yourself, manage your emotions, and adapt your behaviour in order be both personally and interpersonally effective. Most importantly, EI can be developed.


Why EI matters?

  • Emotional Intelligence is the missing link that turns an individual’s potential into effective and sustainable performance.
    90% of top performers are high in Emotional Intelligence
  • Managers trained in EI deliver 2x profit of those who are not
  • Leaders behaviour can have a direct impact on employee stress and performance
  • Employees are 4 times more likely to be engaged if they work in a positive climate


What’s in it for me?

This Masterclass will enable you to:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is, and how it relates to performance at work
  • Explore how your attitudes and emotions support or hinder your ability to inspire great performance in yourself and others
  • Learn tools and techniques to help you inspire great performance in yourself and others


Declan Gray – evolve

For some people a rebrand might just signify a new logo and some new visual collateral which might leave them wondering why a process like this could take some companies or organisations anything from 6-9 months upwards. This masterclass will look at the recent Dublin Chamber rebrand and how evolve approach Service Design and how they have applied their Design Thinking to the project. This will also encompass how they plan to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the Chamber and how they plan to capitalise on current trends whilst also increasing their digital footprint.


As a company evolve use their expertise in design thinking to help their customers establish an emotional connection critical to their long term success, between their brands and their target markets. This is about planning and organising people, infrastructure and your visual communication collateral in order to improve its quality and the interaction between you, as the service provider and your customers. It is also the creative way that we improve existing services and innovate new ones. In essence we are making life easier to communicate.


Our service offerings include Strategic Brand Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Directional or Way-finding Signage for membership bodies, institutions and ambitious businesses in the Dublin and Leinster area. Our wish is to be recognised as a leader in the persona driven design space and we are passionate about building long term relationships with all of our stakeholders.


Declan Gray, the founding partner of evolve is also a Chamber Ambassador and recently elected council member. This will be his third consecutive year speaking at Momentum.


Gary Quinn – The Irish Times

Over the last 12 months, The Irish Times Content Studio has demonstrated that traditional mainstays such as excellent journalism and reaching the right audience actually give equity and prominence to brands in an attention seeking economy. In the delivery of 1.54M page views, 7.6 years of consumption time, 60+ individually crafted brand stories, and national and international awards, we realize that there is a difference between driving content and engaging readers with a great story. Join The Irish Times Content Studio Editor Gary Quinn to find out how he drives this difference, and how he delivers results, every day.


Sean Weafer – Executive Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Many experts and professionals – while technically excellent at what they do – often struggle when it comes to winning new clients. They rely on their technical skills to win business when technical skills are seldom the deciding factor with clients.


In this workshop Sean Weafer author of ‘The High Trust Advisor’ and who helps professionals win new clients explores some of the seven keys that help experts and professionals win and retain high value clients..